BLURRED LINES, Robin Thicke (and some Justin Timberlake.)

“The thing about Justin and I is that we’re both inspired by a lot of the same singers,” he said. “Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder — so when you’re inspired by the same masters, sometimes you’re going to make certain songs that sound alike.” “There’s room for everyone’s greatness to be appreciated, so that’s what I enjoy.” Thicke said.

K, makes sense.

I’ve always been a Justin Timberlake fan. In 10th grade I felt such dedication I hung a poster in my room (bought it at The Wall.) Since then, I’ve been closely following his career to see what he’s doing to evolve his image (i’m totally into it, btw.) He’s tried a lot of different routes, and succeeded. I like that he doesn’t spread himself too thin, he ebbs and flows with exposure in the spotlight. It’s kept him real and fresh. Mysterious and intellectual, and always sexy (except that movie with Cameron Diaz.) I also always think back to Punk’d and how I loved his style and attitude. I’ve def formed a lot of opinions on celebs by their Punk’d behavior (thanks ashton.) K, had to watch the clip, he nearly cries when they say they took his dogs! so cute.

So, back to Thicke – and more specifically, the song I want to talk about, Blurred Lines. When I first heard this song I thought to myself “This sounds like what Justin Timberlake is trying to do...” They are on the same crooner, retro, hipster funk route. I think Thicke proves that he was more made it for it. His style has always been Blue Eyed Soul. Don’t get me wrong, I like JT’s new album The 20/20 Experience BUT I didn’t like it enough to want to listen to it over and over as an actual album. I read an interview somewhere where he said that he was inspired by long tracks by Zeppelin, and the ambience of Radiohead (or something to that extent) which is why 20/20 has 8 minute tracks. Which again, not sayin I’m even nessicarily hatin’ on the length .. just interesting in the way he is trying to twist pop music. And I gotta tell you, Pusher Love Girl is my jammie. It’s like Ashley Got Her Groove Back over here when I’m listening in. I did watch him on SNL, and was actually dissapointed with the live version of Suit and Tie. I have a little obsession with the album track, but when he sings it live his voice seems strained and near the end it’s as if he is just speaking the lyrics. Afterward Joe looked at me and said, “I feel like I could do that” – but Joe def can’t dance like JT. I heard a few people say that his new album feels like an actor putting out an album, kinda agree, kinda don’t. what do you think of it? still #3 on iTunes album chart.


Love this freaking song. When I first stumbled upon it I was like wtf, Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. Gave it a view, immediately starting bouncing along. Love all three of these guys role in this song. The lyrics are fun, sexy, varied. The beat is electronic, funky, with a nice booty shake.. kinda bop around. I wish I had a car to cruise around and listen to it in! The girls in the video are cute, rocking some 90′s inspired outfits.. love the platform sneakers and belly shirts.

Pharrell’s moves are another favorite part of me. I like the barber shop feel of these three guys. Seems like they are all just trying to make music and have fun, Pharrell always seem to be involved with interesting material. A little over a year ago I was part of a team that did brainstorming for his Creamy Vodka, QREAM. Thats right, Qream for a Q. The drink for a queen. It comes in two flavors (Strawberry and Peach) and works on the rocks, or mixed into a drink. Think – baileys for babes. I’m not really into Strawberry or Peach flavored anything, but I tried it and it tasted exactly like I thought it would. Perks of the job, getting to take home samples. I ended up with a bottle of each, have offered to guests and they have LOVED it. So .. just sayin, if you want a super feminine after dinner drink, or something for a night out of the town – look for Qream. Our ideas didn’t go into design, but judging by their twitter (1,400 followers.) they could still use some digital branding! oh well.


Speaking of communicating digitally, Blurred Lines is FULL of #HASTAGS – #thicke #blurredlines flashes before our eyes. I investigated social media and people are following along with the movement. Also, when I first viewed this song a few weeks back it had 45,000 views.. now it has 5 million! also – there is an unrated version that i JUST learned was banned from YouTube … which I think is understandable. I like the clothing version better, but I also don’t like to watch boobies shaking around all the time, so that’s just me. I’m embedding both versions, so watch away.

Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ (Dirty Version) from OB MANAGEMENT on Vimeo.

Seems like they had fun and the unrated version clarities that they DEF had fun.

Fun fact: Robin Thicke is indeed Alan Thicke’s son, but my Mom informed that Alan Thicke had a killer late night talk show back in the 80s, like a “Conan type” – I know him from Growing Pains, but now I find this song called Sweaty and Hot and I am just beyond myself. I agree with the person who commented, “Call me fucking insane. But I love this song.” – i’ll be your toned up sun tanned guy, ill have james bond’s bod, working out just for you. SWEATY & HOT, READY OR NOT! Seems like the blunt sexualness comes to father and son, bet they are creeps. As Mama Moderno says, “All men are creeps. at heart.”

^^Social media, and the Justin poster I had. hahahah I thought he was sooo hot. that hair… those sneaks.. wow. Also, incase you were curious – the brunette in the blurred lines video is Emily Ratajkowski, she’s 20 and seems to def know how to work off her bod. Kind of reminds me of like, Penelope Cruz’s lil sis.

^^ incase you missed it

peace & love,

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