quick story; joe and i were in coney island last night, i checked into “the cyclone” on foursquare, which for the record, we’ve gone there several times to ride and it’s been closed. it’s $9 a person to ride, with tax coming in at $21, you aren’t “allowed” to wait for front or last row, which in my opinion is ridiculous (especially when you are paying that amount!) – i’d like to have ridden it more then once and been in front row, but whatever. the ride was really fun. next time i have to get the front car! one of my favorite things to do is park it at my favorite roller coaster before the park closes, ride over and over. yez. in middle school a friend and i rode every row on “rolling thunder” in a row. the park was so dead you could just run around and get back in line.. aah the good old daze. (side note: we only did one track of the ride, and then went home. it gave us massive headaches. also, read the linked page above.. so interesting.)

so anyway, last night, when checking into the cyclone, i noticed a bunch of friends checking in to hammerstein ballroom, to see.. HANSON! i was like “what!” felt crazy they were playing so close in proximity. the energy made me excited to see them later this month (at irving plaza.) i’ve also been contacted by a few non-hanson friends today, reporting their friends are seeing/have seen hanson. (they are in AC tonight.)

loves it! i dug up these pictures from a hammerstein concert i attended on september 11, 2000. it was the this time around tour – this show was right before the philly one. interesting fact, i had tickets to see o-town at hammerstein the next year on 9/11, which i thought was strange – it’s also the day before my birthday. 912.

so – it was a really fun show. i went after school and jumped in line before doors .. ending up scoring a wristband for the pit, it was officially the closest i’d been to them in concert until that point. i was lovin it.. you can’t tell but the shirt im wearing has a rhinestone outline of a kitty cat’s head. and i remember i wore white platform steve madden sneakers. they got so dirty. didn’t care.

so – who else was there?
also, who is seeing them at irving plaza?
does anyone have contact info for niki?

peace, love, & bulletproof marshmallows,

ashley faye

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