Tybee Island, Georgia

this is the story of a last minute decision to fly myself down to georgia where joe was filming for two weeks. i’d only be there for three days, but it would be worth it, as it was our only chance to spend some time away, together. we have both been traveling quite a bit lately, but solo trips… after this trip, joe was off to mexico for a week – sooo this was our shot at a mini vaca to enjoy each other. he was staying on tybee island, a place he really enjoys spending time – i had never been and was excited to check it out! joe went on specifically about “tybee time” – which he describes as a laid back, friendly, slow, southern pace. he says it like “tie-bee tie’m” (is that sensical?)

well, my “beach time” turned into cozy indoor time and for that i’m grateful. i packed pants (phew) and now have a special unworn summer dress (always nice to have something new to wear for my man.) our accommodations had views that made you feel like you were floating on top of a very angry ocean, accompanied with insane winds and warm rain. i don’t mind being stuck indoors, and now we have an excuse to come back for beach weather.

the climate and landscape of the island was my favorite part. you drive through downtown savannah to head east, for about 15 miles, through swamplands and woodsy areas. tybee is small, and comparable to LBI (for you jers-heads.) it’s tropical but durable. i’d literally recommend a relaxing weekend here to nearly everyone i know. especially after a few days in savannah, cap off your trip with a night or two here.

we ended up occupying two different cottages (the agency actually helped us out with an empty property so joe could watch the bulls game! so nice of them to be accommodating) i will tell you this, it’s also affordable, especially for a family or group of people. check out Mermaid Cottages and i can assure you that you’ll be drooling over a maybe-trip! they are also on facebook.

joe had ideas about where to bring me, we ended up checking out an off the beaten track seafood restaurant called “Desposito’s” – where we peeled shrimp on newspaper and shared a pitcher of cold draft beer. we also checked out a local bar called “The Quarter.” it was packed with parent age locals, in their bar, in hurricane conditions. it was fun. the following night, we had dinner at “AJ’s Dockside” which joe had earlier in the week told me he sat on the dock and watched the sunset.. we were in a zipped in area with the wind flapping. our late night date was spent at a bar called “Doc’s” — libations, band, and you can still smoke here! which i appreciated.. although i’m not a smoker there is a specific nostalgia with smoking in a bar, it just changes the ambiance (am i right?) our final restaurant to check out was the The Breakfast Club — where the line can apparently reach around the building, and where JFK Jr used to be a regular (or so i heard) … interesting experience, good food. it was the kind of breakfast that puts one into a coma state, so that we did.

the rest of our stay was spent napping, drinking coffee, reading, walking in the rain, long conversations about good things to come. we flew out early the next morning, landed in NY, got picked up, headed to jersey, went down the shore. <3 peace & love, ashley

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