Here I go again, talking about coffee.
I realized earlier this week that I can’t do iced coffee in the morning. I mean, I can, but it doesn’t work. There is just something so perfect about a steaming hot cup first thing. I’ll pour myself an iced coffee (on a particularly muggy morning) and a few hours later find myself mopping up a pool of condensation and pouring out the watered down thing; it just doesn’t appeal the same. At that hour I’ll also find myself with a headache – I need my coffee!

I’m going to share my favorite coffee trick. I do this year round, but I think a lot of you will love it most in the warm weather.

When making your coffee, drop in an extra level scoop of grounds. After pouring your coffee, add your sweetener (honey, in my case) and an ice cube or two – cool it down. Drink.

Adding that extra zing in your coffee with give you room for the ice cube (to be melted into water) without diluting your coffee. If you really want to get fancy, reserve an ice cube tray for leftover coffee and drop that in for an extra POW!

This has become my coffee ritual – Joe and my mom both know to make it for me this way. True love: knowing how one take’s their cup, wouldn’t you say? Do you have any special requests for your cup? I adore a human’s relationship with their coffee – there are customers I had years back that I will always remember the way they take their cup. Also, when your customer becomes your friend and you can supply them with their cup off the bat – great feeling. (Hi Misty!)

Peace, love, coffee,

PS – Our honey & cream iced coffee post was a hit! I’ve run into friends who say it has changed their mornings … I’m currently zooming through a jar of Local Andrew’s Honey.

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