incase you haven’t noticed, i have a tendency to get stuck on things. songs, people, outfits, drinks, food.

i like to try new things, which makes this an ever evolving problem of the favorites. this month my favorite has been : ZUCCHINI.

i don’t think i’ve made a trip to the market without coming back with a few. for me, it falls into the same category as eggplant or a beefy mushroom, it’s substantial enough to prepare as the focus of a meal. or, the only part of the meal (at least in these parts)

on one particular night, joe and i both had work to do, so for dinner i quickly threw the zucchini on, quick cook, and we grazed right out of the pan. how romantic!

pan fried zucchini-
you need:

olive oil

1. chop garlic
2. cut zucchini – ends off, then into eighths – sprinkle salt on top of cut
3. heat 2-3 tbs of olive oil
4. add garlic, cook until softened
5. add zucchini, drizzle more olive oil, toss
6. cook until zucchini is soft & desirable. crank the heat at the end to brown

also, make sure to throw some zucchini on your grill… we prep it the same way and grill until BURNT!

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