this clip freaking kills me. here is zac singing his solo – slow, sweet and melancholy.
one of my favorite things about him as a person is his honestly and at times temper – even/espcially when it comes to fans.

if you’ve ever been to a concert you know every crooner is filled with the obnoxious “WOOO” or “I LOVE YOU” or in general just people talking. sometimes a “shhh” will spread across the crowd and it will be still for 30 seconds but people get roused up again.

while most of us, just want to soak in every piece of music, hanging on every word, wanting to sway and be in the moment. the way they wrote the music to be listened to. (we do like to scream. at the scream-y songs. and sing a longs, which there are plenty.)

so here we are, in richmond, va. zac, calls out some “drunk bitch” who probably had two too many fireball shots and has been instagramming filtered cell phone shots the entire show. there’s already shit being thrown in his direction about being degrading to women, for calling her a b-i-t-c-h.

not the case, people. a drunk bitch at a concert is a drunk bitch at a concert! we all know they can be funny for a one liner but when they don’t stop, it ruins yours (and clearly, the musicians) experience. let me clarify these are also drunk under-sexed hanson fans. these chicks (and sometimes men) are a special, special breed of crazy danger zone-ness.

(starts around 1:37)

“seriously? i’m up here singing this beautiful song about this little girl and this drunk bitch it saying i want to lick your taint. like, you need to go home. (applause, etc) i’m going to start that verse over again so the rest of us can enjoy it.”

& just for fun, here’s a video from the same user of them doing “this time around” that night.

aaaand now i am craving going out on tour. who is doing what dates? ugh i wish i could take off and do shows on end like the good old days.

do you have any good drunk bitch at concerts stories?


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