Another reason to love Derrick Rose


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Up until recently in the NBA, teams were built over a long period of time. Through drafts, trades and free agents, teams were assembled in hopes of one day winning a championship. Sure, the urge to win NOW has always resonated within organizations, but times are different these days. Teams (and more specifically, coaches) don’t have much time to prove that what they have is good enough to compete for a championship. This is why bad teams are always changing: they’re never good enough and are always looking for ways to improve.

Nowadays, it’s common for players (especially the ‘stars’) to ‘recruit’ or encourage other opposing players to join forces. The obvious and most recent example of this is the Miami Heat, which was largely created by Dwayne Wade in 2010 when he persuaded LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join him in Miami. On paper, this makes obvious sense, which is why the Heat were expected to win the moment the 3 of them joined forces. While it didn’t happen in their first year together, they’ve figured it out since and have won the past 2 championships. Many people have considered this move cowardly and un-competitive, but it’s allowed, and it happened, and it will continue to happen.

Luckily, not all of the NBA’s best are wired like Wade and James. At least not Derrick Rose.

“I don’t recruit….I never did and never will.”

Back in 2010, Rose could have recruited James and Bosh much the same way that Wade did, but he refused. He doesn’t believe in that sort of thing. However, he did decide to recruit one player last year, and that was ex-Bull and NBA veteran Kirk Hinrich. Technically, both Hinrich and James are recruits, but Kirk’s stats aren’t what drove Derrick to play alongside Hinrich once again.

“When you’re a hooper and you know someone on the court is going into a battle with you, and he’s not giving up if he knows you are going to keep battling and I’m someone that will keep fighting to the end, and he’s the same as you, so why not have him on the team? Kirk is the first person I recruited.”

Daaaaaaaa bulls.


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