i’m stumbling over words at 3am trying to write something that will mean enough to express my gratitude toward a mended relationship with my brother.

a truth: september 2012 – 2013 nate and i rarely nearly never spoke.
there were things we had to work through in our relationship. a tumultuous sibling occasions. turmoil in the heart

a peak was reached & then we needed to slowly climb down the slippery mountain.
it’s something i kept close to my heart, it was so heavy, i hung on tight. i was hung up on it.
a lot of things happen in a year, and a lot of things happened in this year we were distanced. it felt strange to not share in such momentous occasions but looking back i realize maybe we needed our space to grow individually, in that year we both grew a family of our own, independently.

opening up & writing about it seems easy now that we have broken that proverbial ice. i worried and struggled creatively without the support of my brother.

this family of ours, we ran through a sort of hell:on fire – no shoes no water – we crawled out gasping for air.
i want to scream into the heavens that at this moment my family is SAFE. we have things to catch up on.

& most importantly i have had the chance to bond with nate’s new wife, sonia.
the autumn winds are bringing the next generation to the andrews family.

i feel a gust pushing at my back,
like late at night when you are walking downhill in a city and the wind is lifting your heels and you get a deep breath of coldness.

we took a cruise down to seaside together this past weekend (joe, myself, nate, sonia.)
there were conversations to be had, we had them.

this world is sad and mad but we know it; we must stay glad. cuz we are rad and so is mom & dad.

on the way home, i asked nate & sonia if i could take photos of them before their son is born. we made a stop at our beach house block’s beach*
it was the last beach day for 2013 (ironically also the first day of autumn.)

hanging on that beach was a cosmic setting, the indian summer that saved our lives.

| a brother needs a sister | wombie collab | nate’s 30th and more 30th | wombies |
a peaceful heart,

PS – nate’s blog.
PSS – while editing these shots, i realized they are technically the first pictures i’ll take of my nephew. :)
*tongue twister?

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