hanson celebrated their 21st birthday of being a band AND an album release two night show at irving plaza. it took place this past june — they are currently touring for this album. which is freaking good. give it a listen and please come up and say hi if you see me in philly or sayreville in november! x

also, just remembered a really clueless moment i had at this show – showed up the first night with my ticket for the second night! i could hear them coming on (playing thinking of you) and was sweating as i white lied the surly ticket girl into thinking ticketmaster just “never sent me my tickets” — i had already tried to get through the doors with my false ticket — i was freaking out and by myself! first hanson concert i ever went to alone, and really i had a great time… pretty freeing feeling to see your favorite band solo.

mmmbop forever,
ashley faye

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