Well well well. This has not been the best tour for Hanson’s bad boy, Zac (remember when he called out a drunk bitch in their audience?) Tonight he got spit on by a man. He is handling it well via social media and as always, Hanson fans are rallying around the band. They performed tonight in Seattle for the US leg of their “Anthem” Tour. Check out when they are coming to your city so you exchange happy times with the guys! I’ll be in Philly and Sayreville. Let’s get a drink! I bet Zac has downed quite a few during tonight’s show. Sorry, Zac. that was really really uncool.

for our sick benefit, hanson fan @triciajmartin captured the moment on instagram. it’s beyond foul .. can’t even imagine — one of the nastiest things that can happen to someone. i’ll admit i’ve been spit in the face before (by a man) and it’s one of the worst memories for me. so foul.

it makes this video of a friend explaining what it’s like to be a hanson fan even more valuable. ridicule and harassment.


People magazine reported on the incident, and Tricia offered a little bit more insight. Dudes got balls just walking on the bus!

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