last night i went headfirst into cooking swordfish (which i have never cooked before) — i really get nervous when cooking fish, not sure why but it feels so much more delicate to me then meat. also, i usually spend more on fish so it’s like i am going to burn my dollar in the process. i didn’t! and here is my success story-

i paired the swordfish with yellow rice and string beans.
quickly, i’d like to talk about yellow rice. people seem to always be having issues with rice (looking at you joe) — i like to use goya yellow rice (i buy in bulk at costco) as often as possible. i start with an onion base, its delicious and it’s one of my favorite starches. it goes beyond a side; you can make a full meal by adding black beans (cooked separately, added once rice is done.) try it out – you won’t turn back!

to cook rice:
soften 1/4 of a white onion in 1.5 tbs of olive oil – until aromatic and brown on edges
add 2.5 cups of water (box says 2 – i always add more to rice to be safe about it drying out!)
add contents of package, stir, bring water & rice to a roaring boil
cover your rice, TIGHT and lower the heat. i go AS LOW as i can go with the heat.
set your timer for 25 minutes, resist checking on the rice. LET IT STEAM.
after 25 minutes, take lid off, fluff rice and keep lid cracked.

to cook beans:
clean beans & prep by snapping off both ends
submerse in salted water, bring water to a boil and let beans cook for approx 10 minutes/
treat your beans like pasta, they can go downhill FAST. be sure to taste test them like you would a noodle!
when your beans are done, shock them in a colander with cold water, return to pan and toss with a small amount of butter. cover to keep warm until you are ready to serve.

to cook fish:
let fish reach room temperature (i took it out about 30 minutes before starting the rice)
slice garlic real thin and cook real slow in cast iron (low heat!)
juice 1 lemon (i like to juice into a jar)
a few dashes of worcestershire sauce (also in the jar)
healthy pour of white wine (shake the jar up)

once that garlic is deliciously ready, crank the heat, add liquid mixture to pan.
it will thicken a bit, stir for 1 minute. add your fish (using tongs! never use a fork.)
cook one side for 5 minutes (you are aiming to obtain a seared side)
flip and cook 2-3 minutes on opposite side.

i like to add salt to the top of my beans, but otherwise this meal is season free- go ahead & salt and pepper at your pleasure but the natural flavors should be enough. :)

i must add that i was truly impressed with the way this meal turned out. joe and i split the steak and next time i know to buy two because i could have definitely eaten a whole one. the sauce it was cooked in was perfect, and i loved getting hunks of garlic with my bite. it reminded me a bit of a francaise. yum yum yum i know this will become a staple in our home!

peace, ashley

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