2 reasons to be happy today

Today, Thursday the 17th of October, doesn’t have any significant importance in my life, but as this day has gone on I’ve been pleasantly surprised not only once, but twice. Here are the reasons why:

(photo by foxnews.com)

1. Today is Eminem’s birthday; he turns 41. I had no idea until I was listening to hot97 this morning, when I was driving around NYC dropping off equipment from our latest shoot (I can’t tell you the name, the Food Network has already condoned a fellow crew member from posting a picture on instagram since it hasn’t aired yet, so stay tuned). Anyway, hot97 paid tribute by putting on a little playlist of some of Slim’s best singles over the years, including hits like 8 Mile, Cleaning Out My Closet, Love the Way You Lie, Patienly Waiting and Lose Yourself. Any Eminem fan will quickly tell you that his commercial hits, while still fun, are among his ‘worst’ songs, because his legend has been made from his other tracks and guest appearances over the years. But blasting Eminem hits in the car like I used to when I was in high school is always a good time.

While listening to an Eminem playlist on the radio is already fun, the real #1 reason why I’m so happy today is because they started off this playlist with a song I hadn’t heard yet. It’s the latest single from his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP2. The song is called Rap God, and I’d say it’s his best single since Lose Yourself. It’s easy for me to say that this is better because it’s still so new and fresh, but I really can’t think of many other singles of his that top this one, especially lyrically. He absolutely destroys this song. Try to keep up with him by reading the lyrics here. The album comes out November 5.


(photo by espn.com)

2.  Last night, Derrick Rose played in his 3rd (preseason) game back since his injury, but it was his first game at home, which was exciting for all Bulls fans, especially those who paid to see him play last night. And he did not disappoint. He scored 22 points in 22 minutes, made the typical Derrick Rose plays we all have come to enjoy, and had this to say after the game, referring to the Bulls’ goal of winning a championship.

‘That’s our No. 1 goal is winning the title. We’re not worried about anything else. We’re not worried about what people say about us or what’s going on on the outside. We’re just about the Bulls and how good we can get every day.”

I knew Eminem was coming out with a new album, and I knew Derrick Rose was back on the court, but sometimes really good news just takes you by surprise.


& again, the lyrics (we recommend you read along during your first listen, Eminem is a true lyricist.)

especially check out minute 1:10 – Rose back to mixin’ dudes.

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