so, the bulls come back tonight. against the heat. it’s a big deal around here. they also play the knicks on halloween night, which is also very exciting. joe has been going on and on about how the bulls are going to kill it this season. many heated conversations and he hasn’t backed down.

also, he has me believing – and its for real! they will win. and IF they don’t, i will watch this team try really hard to win. because you know that win or lose – they are bringing it.

below, joakim noah, derrick rose, jimmy butler (hey joe, i think you need to write something about noah. he is after all your ladies favorite player … a post might get us into the gov!)

source: 1 & 2

an emotional add on: i just realized before publishing this, is that i am truly happy that the basketball season comes back tonight. it’s joe’s ultimate passion, and i see him the most focused when he is watching / playing / talking about / analyzing the sport. he really gets into these games, it’s sort of cute and makes for a happier love of mine. i support most things he does, so of course, i’m wearing a bulls tee shirt today. DAAA BULLS!

^^ from a bulls vs nets game we went to in 2011 … young loveeee!

^^ on the path heading into newark for a game in 2012 .. so glad that the nets are now in brooklyn at the barclays center so we can walk to and fro the games.

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