i’m a little late to post about this, shame on me. when the general public started hearing about this new brand from hanson my phone/fb was off the hook. everyone wanted to tell me… now i’m waiting for the date to tell everyone its available!!

hanson has always been good with naming — songs, albums, events. but they really get a round of applause from this brandiac (me) for mmmhops. i’d love to have been a fly on the wall the day that idea came to be.. so good. read below in an article about future ideas with brews/names … where’s the lager? i die. good job hanson! now give me a bottle, bartender!

Speaking of craft, you now have a beer called Mmmhops. Have you had this idea from the beginning, just waiting for the right moment?

I won’t say it’s not somewhat calculated that we’re releasing it the year of the band’s 21st birthday. It really genuinely resonates to say to yourself, oh my God, Hanson’s 21?! Here’s a beer! I’m in the band and even I think, talking about it with other people, when you say to somebody, ‘that’s my age,’ all the sudden when you go “we’ve got a beer, it’s called Mmmhops,” people’s brains just squeeze and release, like, “what are you saying?” I think there’s something about the association that freaks people out. We do lots of other side products—we make Hanson games and we roast Hanson coffee and we do all kinds of little things that cater to the most passionate fan When we began to pursue this particular idea, it just resonated at a higher frequency than any other particular idea had. And people are genuinely excited about it.

You could have a whole line of products that rhyme with bop.

It’s probably other beers—if this goes as well as we hope—that are references to other songs. We take our music very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. So we joked about a pilsner and we have a song called “Penny and Me” so “Pilsner and Me.” Or “Where’s the Lager?” Again, if the beer is great, then we feel like that ultimately will win out. That’s what we want, the same way you want people to love your song. You might like the idea of the band, but once you actually see a show or hear a record, do you go “wow, this is really solid”? It’s the same thing with beer. It can’t survive by the kitsch alone. – Taylor


want more? it was written up on grubstreet rolling stone the daily beast usa today

taylor hanson blogs on huffington post uk? just read his posts, very interesting to read his writing as i’m so familiar listening to his words. i also enjoyed the pictures… you might, too.

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