this time of year is all about comfort foods. keeping the stove rocking for extra doses of heat. creamy, meaty, mushroomy. a favorite in my family is meatball stroganoff — made on special occasions and holidays, this isn’t the healthiest but it’s one of the heartiest. make sure you have soft blankets and movies to watch afterward.. it gets you right to chill zone. this recipe would be great for a party in small servings (almost like a shooter of sorts. with toothpicks.. yum)

as always, we got our ground beef from the farmers market. love arcadian pastures for hooking it up. their meat is visibly marbled with fat, keeping the cooking process (and my mental health) even keeled. as big daddy always says, “happy cows make happy meat, the kind of meat we like to eat.” — i cooked this meal for my dad when he was up a few weekends ago, i think it made him proud.

i didn’t have brown gravy, so i whisked together a mixture of worcestershire, ketchup, dry mustard, flour, honey & garlic powder. also – while the meal cooked, i let a handful of mushrooms, tomatoes from my dad’s garden and grated parm marinate together for a nice little salad, and of course, freshly cooked egg noodles.

i apparently blogged about this years ago, too. you can tell i didn’t roll them in paprika that time, and let me tell you.. it makes all the difference. don’t miss that step. this past time when my dad was over he was staying away but keeping an eye on it – i almost forgot to roll them but he went “ROLL THEM IN PAPRIKA!!!!!” like a maniac. now i understand why.

grub on,

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