a few weekends ago, joe and i headed to philly to see jess sned and.. hanson! then we spent a night in northern liberties with one of joe’s good friends from high school (and his fiancee!) — then we headed back to jersey, stopped at mandy’s house (not pictured) – then celebrated our niece’s second birthday. afterwards, a stop to my brother’s house to see his family — and scoop him up to come back to new york with us. we stayed up until 4 am watching home videos, cracking up, and got up early to head back to jersey for the giants game. big daddy was waiting for us and we tailgated before headiing into the game. it was my first nfl game and i had a great time. i really didn’t know what was going on around me but i had a blast nonetheless. we had a raiders fan in front of us who was a trip — at one point he fell to the ground for no reason and blamed it on a lady pushing him. his jersey said dom vito but nate and my dad named him dumb vito ha ha ha. and that was that. long, fun, full of babies and friends and family and beer weekend.

& a video medley from the show:

peace out,

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