You’re only as tough as your tweets

In light of the fiasco that’s occurring within the Miami Dolphins organization, the NBA decided to take a stand before any such thing corrupts one of its own teams.

The Minnesota Timberwolves took it a step further and banned all sorts of hazing. Historically, at least in the NBA, rookies have always paid their dues with their new teams by going through all sorts of ‘hazing,’ all of which is done in harmless fun. Typically, rookies are made to do silly things that are usually embarrassing more than harmful, such as carrying luggage, picking up meals, or even just singing. It’s a chance for the new guys to earn respect, show a sense of humor, and develop relationships with the guys who they will spend most of their waking lives with. Like any new career, these rookies have to put in the time. Even though the Wolves have put a stop to it, there are still players who think it’s a good thing: ‘I don’t like to use that word because it’s got kind of a negative connotation,” said Cleveland Cavalier guard Jarrett Jack, referring to ‘hazing’. ‘It’s kind of just, you having a bit of selflessness, knowing that a lot of people came before you, who paved the way for you to be here now. And getting doughnuts on game day I don’t think is too much to ask.’

Hazing is typically done to only rookies, while bullying can be done to anyone. Back in the day, people could only bully someone in person, or maybe by making a phone call. A letter could be sent, too, but a bully needs to get his message across right away. Luckily, for our really soft athletes in today’s world, there’s Twitter. It seems that the common thing to do nowadays is to take shots at other opposing players by TWEETING to or about them. Yea, really tough stuff.

Last week, Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings shared some tweets (that sounds weird) with New York Knicks guard JR Smith, who’s already been fined before by the NBA for wrongful tweeting. Brandon tweeted one thing, Jr tweeted something else, and then it became something to talk about (I’m guilty).

What makes this even more ridiculous is that JR and Brandon are actually friends. “It’s not that serious. I go to L.A. in the summertime and see him all the time … I don’t know how it got this blown out of proportion,” Smith said. He’s the starting shooting guard for one of the most popular teams in maybe THE most popular city in the WORLD, and he used a social media website that everyone uses to express himself. Yea, I’m not sure how people took this the wrong way, either.

But he’s looking to change his ways, maybe. “I’m always in trouble with Twitter. I don’t know what it is. I’m trying to shake it,” said Smith. Personally, I don’t have an iphone so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to tweet. Unfortunately for JR, this latest online exchange cost him another $25,000.

In other immature and irrelevant news, Orlando Magic forward Glen Davis got into some trouble last week when he vandalized a computer in a lobby of a Travel Lodge at 4am. Unfortunately for him, he was caught on video and now everyone can witness how much of a baby he really is (his nickname is actually ‘Big Baby’). While it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, it was clearly the wrong thing to do. But, people make mistakes, and as long as they own up to it I’m fine with it. He apologized at least. Through twitter, that is. Said Davis, ‘In regards to the incident that occurred on Friday night, I want to sincerely apologize for my actions. There is no excuse for what I did…’

I’m not buying that, or any apology that’s done through twitter, and that goes for all mankind. If you did something wrong, confront those you wronged, and apologize. Reading something on the internet about how someone is sorry is nice and all, but I want to SEE the apology. If you’re a friend of mine, talk to me. And if you’re a famous athlete and I’m a fan of yours, stand behind a microphone and really apologize. Maybe Davis did that too, but it doesn’t matter; fact is he tweeted an apology. As far as I’m concerned, he could’ve been on the toilet while tweeting.

At least Glen Davis sincerely tweets, I guess. #clowns

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