Nothin but time

“Time heals all things.”

Or at least that’s what I tell people whenever they experience any sort of pain. I heard this quote years ago and it has always stuck with me, because really, time does heal all things. Things may be forever different after certain events (injury, death, etc.), but life doesn’t stop for anyone and continues to keep moving on, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, unfortunate circumstances don’t excuse anyone, so even if we do and say and practice every single proper step to achieve something we feel we truly deserve, it doesn’t matter. Life is many things, one of which is unfair. Truly, life is everything.

Since life doesn’t stop for anyone, it’s not that crazy that Derrick Rose will miss another year of basketball. After having surgery to help repair his right knee (he missed all of last season repairing his left knee), he is due to miss the rest of this year, meaning he will miss nearly 2 entire seasons in a row, something Bulls and basketball fans everywhere are mourning together. While opposing fans don’t really enjoy watching their team match up against the Bulls when they’re led by Rose, it’s no secret that his injury hurts more than just Derrick and his teammates. The Bulls have been a basketball fan-favorite in recent years (most of which is due to Rose), and they were supposed to be one of the top teams in the league, a team worthy enough to win it all this year. Their organization had put the pieces together, faced some challenges and persevered, and have waited their turn. After years of coming sooooo close, this was finally it. But now there’s a lot of doubt. There’s no question the Bulls are still a tough team on any given night, but any real contender without its best player has major obstacles to overcome, especially come playoff time.

But that’s not going to stop Derrick Rose from being positive about the situation. When asked if he thinks he can still be a franchise player, similar to what he was in 2011 when he won the MVP award, he sat silent for a few seconds, then answered: ‘You can be a fool if you want to. Dead serious. I know I’m going to be all right. I believe that I’m a special player.’

“I think people love the way that I just play. I don’t try to impress anyone while I’m playing or anything. It’s just the way that I play. I’ve just got a feel for the game, and I know my story is far from done. I know it is. He’s just preparing me for something big.”

Derrick has said that he will play again this year if and when he’s healthy, so he may be back by the playoffs, but only time will tell.


Another favorite quote of mine comes from the movie Shawshank Redemption, spoken by Morgan Freeman’s character, ‘Red.’ When describing his dear friend Andy (Tim Robbins), he declares ‘Every man has his breaking point.’ Clearly, we haven’t seen Derrick’s just yet, and if what he says has any weight to it, I’m not sure if we’ll see him break down any time soon. It’s easy to look at last season and this one and place Derrick Rose on a shelf with other NBA has-beens, but he’s only 25 years old, he knows what he wants, and he still has full faith in himself and what’s planned for him.

I’m disappointed that the Bulls most likely won’t have enough to win it all this year, but Rose’s positivity is inspiring. Most people might’ve fallen into their own pity party, but not him. He has chosen to accept this as another step in his journey to be the best version of himself he can be. I might have reacted differently before, but some things have been put into perspective.

When I first heard the news of Rose’s injury, I was mourning the loss of my best friend. As a fan, you never want to see your favorite player go down to injury, but there’s a lot more to life than an injured knee, and unfortunately I’ve never been more certain of that. However, life is going on. And like Rose, I will stay positive, and use Bill’s friendship as motivation to be a better man. Having Bill as a friend is worth all the time in the world.

R.I.P. my best friend Billy, former classmate/teammate, forever brother.
(I’m on the left, Bill is on the right, our friend Nick is in the middle. It’s Halloween in 6th grade, dressed up as SNL‘s Spartan Cheerleaders)

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