Hudson, NY

In October, Joe and I spent about two weeks in Columbia County, New York. The Hudson area to be specific. We were both working on a Food Network show, Farmhouse Rules. Joe was coordinating, while I was a ‘Jane of all trades’ – working with the culinary team, props, handling Nancy’s wardrobe and also shooting still photography (one episode used some film I shot too! — think, tree tops..) the pictures below have been burning a hole on my hard drive as I waited for all the secrets to debut on tv.

For me, seeing the turning trees and short sleeves is a bit of needed nostalgia (I see you winter.. I’ve got one day left!) Downtown Hudson is filled with culture, food, antiquing, free-lovin funk (and some great neon signs if you are into that as I am). Most nights were spent unwinding at the hotel or getting together with other members of the crew for dinner, but we also made sure to enjoy time on our own. One night we were able to check out a show at the Helsinki Hudson — The Voodoo Orchestra North. They will be there again Janurary 20th and if you can, GO for a really great experience. Led by composer Bobby Previte, the band performs a fantastic rendition of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. The club was a stellar venue .. we enjoyed both our meals and the atmosphere.

Some other activities to note: a proper meal at the Swiss Hutte Inn (the lodging there looked so romantic.. hint hint) a visit to Bash Bish Falls, the Cinn-a-BOMB bread from Depot Deli, time with horses, pumpkins, apples, Allie posing in front of things, a hot air balloon ride, and some serious memories. HONORABLE mention, the second day we were up there, my brother welcomed his son into the world. I became a real live aunt! You know Joe and I drove 3 hours each way down the shore and back to meet little sweet Samuel.

And season two of Farmhouse Rules just got picked up …..

ps, this website is pretty cool, to watch vines on your browser.

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