i’ve been leaving the camera out, ready to be picked up at any moment. i am trying to shoot as often as possible, but i’m struggling with a strange intimidation. looking back, it’s telling how i am inspired by windows, the light. every year, my aunt sends homemade wreaths to the family. she lives in bar harbor, and my living room now smells like the woods in maine. my hair is growing, i have jimmy to thank. thanks jimmy! been drinking a lot of kombucha, mango is my current fave. 7th ave was bustling in the snow last saturday, we went out to shop, awaiting a plane delay for joe (who was going to arizona) that never came. a good friend came over to bake and watch movies, we ended up talking all night, staying up until 5. it was healing. i missed her in my life, we inspire each other and saturday night proved it. pushing forward, elizabeth! sunday afternoon i took my time making a red sauce. i went to the store, bought fresh pasta, baguette, a bottle of red. there was a care package in the making for my family in new zealand, the post office had lines out the door. we are planning a party, while joe was away i designed and printed the invites. he came back and we re-arranged the living room after we bought our tree (this year its from northern vermont) — if you know our animals you know its rare they are happily near each other, i’ll admit them sharing the couch made me cry a little bit. winter sunsets are a favorite. so pink, so gray. it lit up the living room so perfectly, with the tree glowing i watched it until it grew dark. our anniversary was december 13, the roses joe brought me are just starting to fall – my favorite stage. two new buildings are now out our back windows, when the sun sets the windows glowwwww and i imagine what the sunset must look like for them, i can’t even imagine what rent is like over there. and when i ran out of lemons i put a clementine in my iced tea and i liked it. go ahead, try it.

ps im re-joining the gym

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