Today would have been (and technically still is) my Pop-Pop’s 90th birthday.
Don’t you love the words above? Travel on..

I celebrated his life today, opening up a box of documents that I have inherited. Pictures, pamphlets, clippings, letters, on, and on. He was a careful man who did a great job keeping his life documented.. Now I am here trying to figure out the story within the piles.

Over the past few years I have absorbed my families story by spending hours sifting through box after box of what would best be described as .. memorabilia? I enjoy all types of vintage photography but when it’s your own flesh and blood there is just a certain romance there, at least I think so. There is a lesson to be appreciated within these photos, it’s as if I keep learning more and more about where I came from. Spiritually and geographically. Plus, the majority of them have descriptions written on the back or are organized into ziploc baggies with personal notes to himself (or to future me?) to explain the circumstance — it’s wild!

Does anyone else get into this with their family history?

You might remember, I have posted once about my Grandmother, Margaret.
Now, meet Jack.

#1 – Jack & his cousin Ruth – Meadville, PA
#2 – Alpha Sigma Phi – Fraternity House, Penn State
#3 – Jack, Johnny & Margaret – Easter 1954
#4 – Lake Erie, PA
#5 – The Andrews Family – 1962 or 1963
#6 – In the Navy
#7 – Fishing
#8 – Bottom row, right. about 1935-36
#9 – Johnson & Johnson’s Bridge Club

PS today is also Paula Deen AND Janis Joplin’s birthday.

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