I think it’s worth it

We try to go to at least one Bulls game a year. Since being together, Ashley and I have seen 3 games together: the first was at Madison Square Garden (and Ashley’s first NBA game), the next was the best Christmas present I’ve ever received, and the last time was seeing them easily beat the Nets in Newark in 2012, where you would have believed it was a home game for the Bulls. Since then, it just hasn’t been worth it. Now that the Nets are in Brooklyn, it’s difficult to buy affordable tickets. Back when they were the New Jersey Nets, you could get a ticket for as cheap as $6 online for some games. Now, that won’t even buy you a Brooklyn Lager.

At the beginning of this year, Ashley and I planned on going to the Bulls-Nets game on Christmas, but then Rose got hurt, and suddenly it didn’t make sense to spend over $250 to see a team without their best player while we could watch it at home in our pajamas. I had also bought a ticket to see the Pacers play in Brooklyn right before Christmas, but that was for ‘business’ where I was trying to make some connections. After that, it didn’t seem like Ashley and I would make it to any games this year, except maybe when the Bulls come into town in April. We’ll have to wait and see.

That was until two nights ago, while I was watching some highlights after we watched the Bulls beat the Spurs. That same night, the Oklahoma City Thunder played the Miami Heat, pairing the world’s two best players against each other, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. While both players had tremendous games, it was KD who came out on top, in both exciting plays and more importantly, the win. It would be the 9th straight win for the 1st place Thunder, and the 12th straight game where Kevin Durant scored 30 points or more.

I grabbed my ipad and wanted to see who Kevin Durant’s next victim would be. Sure enough, their next game was in Brooklyn. I looked at Ashley, and told her we had to go.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are arguably the best team in the league, featuring what may be the best player in the world right now, during his prime, in what may be his first MVP season. At only 25 years old, he is undoubtedly one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. Meanwhile, he may also be the most liked player to ever step foot on the court. If you like basketball, you can’t NOT like him, and I refuse to hear otherwise.

Life is too short to pass up seeing something or someone as special as Kevin Durant. Whether he scores 30 points or wins doesn’t really matter – Ashley and I can always say that we saw the best player in the world in 2014 play in his prime.

Pictures and postgame analysis coming soon.

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