Our Facebook Movies!

If you have been in tune with your digital self today, you might have seen the movie trailer about your life on Facebook. Mine was helpful, it showed me what has really been important these past 8 years, I guess. I wish FB would have been smart enough to let us make our own movies.. that would have been much more hands on, guys ..

I got curious and checked out Joe’s. He is a weird FB user, like has never posted an update and barely uses it but checks it once a day and creeps so he still knows whats going on. He threatens to delete it but I ask him not to, not to leave me alone on there. Three years ago, we stayed off FB the entire month of February.. it was an enlightening experience but we haven’t looked back since. Damnit.

Joe wins at maintaining Facebook Anonymity …. by not being qualified enough for a video!!! Look at what happens when you are like Joe!


oh, #digitallife


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