So here’s the thing about me and P.J. (I can call Percy Jackson P.J. because we’re tight like that) The first things you need to know is that there are really two different series that follow along the same story. The first: Percy Jackson & The Olympians, and the Second: Heroes of Olympus. The first is slightly less difficult reading, more silly banter/ playfulness and less violence. The second series has a more mature plot, a tad more violence and a higher page count, on average of about two-three pages, but still keeping the banter and silliness we love.

I want to start out with the first book in the second series, because honestly, you should have already read at least the entire Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by now, and if you haven’t, climb out from under your rock and jump on this bandwagon….seriously, it’s a pretty rockin place to be.


The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan is the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series (which will be complete with the release of the final installment “The Blood of Olympus” this fall – please allow for an adult fan-girl moment…

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In this book I was all prepared to be let down when I realized that Percy, the main character/hero in all the previous 5 books, was not the main man in this one. To be honest it was a pretty big bummer, until I saw where Rick was taking me. The characters I was introduced to here became fast favorites and now seem inseparable from the Percy Jackson sphere.

Like all the books, this one revolves around the lives and problems of a bunch of half-blood kids. (Half-blood meaning half human, half Greek (or Roman (…wait WHAT? Yeah you heard me, Roman)) God, and as usual there is a God causing more trouble than the poor half-bloods are prepared for. This story though unravels into something much bigger than we’ve seen before….sure we’ve almost seen the end of the world a couple times, but never like this. Full of adventure, travel, and new and interesting characters, Riordan weaves a tale that will have you reaching for your copy of Edith Wharton’s Mythology*, and loving every second of it.


I always recommend these books to kids and parents, and people like me, with a longer than average infatuation with teen lit, because they are as fun and exciting as they are educational. Fear Not though readers, they’re not in-your-face “teachy”; something which I grew to resent as a child…like really, sometimes you just gotta let your kid read for pleasure; you never want books to become a chore, but because I KNOW that a kid has got to learn somewhere, these are perfect. Mythology, geography and some real life history are mixed in there; not to mention a boat load of smart, independent, resourceful teens. This is not a “Go Ask Alice” type of book where parents will cringe at what their children are reading, but a story where role models can actually be found! Halleluiah! HOWEVER….any super conservative overlords parents will probably have a problem with the 4th book in the series. Nothing I would prevent my students or children from reading, and actually a plot line I ADORED (along with about a million percico fansters) but hey, if you were the person that boycotted Harry Potter because of “devil worship” I would say steer clear here, no needless book burnings please!

This book is great for:
-Fans of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride
-Girls sick of whiny female character
-Lovers of adventure and quest stories
-Boisterous boys
-Anyone interested in Mythology or ancient civilizations
-29 year old red-head librarians

* I always recommend this book as a great companion with this series. (Both the 1st and 2nd) It’s a classic and great because there are a lot of characters referenced in the P.J. books that are not commonly known, and this guide gives quick and concise information about almost all of them, adding to the overall effect of the book. Also, it’s always good to not have to reference the computer constantly. The internet is literally the perfect storm for anyone easily distracted, and you’d hate to be in the middle of an awesome book just to be torn away by a Facebook update. Use this book, and while other titles will filter in and out of your home library, I am sure this one will take up permanent residence.

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