check back! 05.04.14

  • http://www.becomingbklyn.com Caitlin Heikkila

    Honored to be on the blog roll, Ashley and Joe! So nice meeting you guys this week. Just added you to my links list!

    • Ashley

      I’m so glad we finally got to meet as well. When the weather gets nicer we should collaborate on “Best Spots for mid-day outside Bevs” yes? :)

  • Bailey Mikell

    just found your blog, can’t wait to start reading, seems like you’re doing an excellent job here! and, I love your cats:)

    xoxo Bee

    • http://ourbrooklyn.tumblr.com/ ashley

      Thanks Bailey!

  • Karen

    Ashley, this is a fab collection of photos and lifrstyle news…love where your life is going!!!

    • http://ourbrooklyn.tumblr.com/ ashley

      Thanks Karen!! I love where your life is going as well :) xx

      • MamaModerno

        I love where life is going… we have to think positive, right?

  • Cassandra Loynd

    Awesome blog & awesome views!  I too have a mission to wear pants as little as possible.  ;)  I love that you have what you’re currently reading up on the side here.  

  • Shanise

    Love this Ash…it’s all you and that is what makes the blog great!

  • Dkhardknocks

    Love it …. Very descriptive, very inviting, very funny yet comforting at the same time. Wow, it’s like I know you guys … Oh, oppps, wtf … We’re family LMAO … And it all suddenly makes perfect sense … and then some :)~ Peace, Love, Health and Joy xox