It all happened when a girl’s young love for storytelling stumbled upon the digital expansion.

It’s now been 15 years and the the devotion has innocently transformed a hobbyist into a revolutionist.

Equal parts fascination and participation was the jumping off point to my foolproof strategy regarding digital branding.

Taken by: photography, words, film, music, packaging, technology, food, television, conversation, intention

I’ve established my own rules to swiftly navigating social media and all that goes with it.

My creative side, Lady Faye was shaped by my little curiosities, this life’s many muses & a will to be more.

Growing up in a small historic city, smack dab in the center of New Jersey, my childhood was drenched in imagination, domestic responsibilities and curious sense of exploration.

My teenage years were spent dreaming of anywhere but here, using the computer as my escape (or, hopping a train up to New York!) Moving from place to place, I attended four different colleges and supported myself working in the food business.

I’ve lived in cities, worked in cafes. Resided along the shore, burying my nose in books and my toes in the sand.

My priority is maintaining the relationships –
between; myself, friends, family, clients, and strangers.
I’m a dreamer, especially when awake.
I’m determined, flexible, genuinely interested, dedicated, opinionated, quirky, quiet, and constantly creating.

I feel best creating, laughing, laying down, near water, near potatoes, in good company, with a camera in my hand, dancing to music, wearing a dress



Amanda Fay Jacobsen, Children’s Librarian, and friend.

I’ve known Ashley Andrews for the better majority of my life and the best way I can think to describe her is like a light bulb – and here’s why:

She is always ready to turn it on. – Her creative energy is endless, and on many occasions she has helped me with my own projects while continuing to work on several of her own; none suffering as a result. A midnight call is all a friend needs to gain her insight and exhaustive support.
She casts a far and illuminating glow. – Her hard work and influence can be spotted in all her endeavors. While Ashley has an expansive design taste (among other things) her stamp is unmistakable and always on target.
She is never cold. – No one who has ever worked with Ashley would give negative feedback. She is always friendly, helpful, fun and eager to learn more. Her network of collaborators is large, but her circle of friends is even larger. If she ever becomes part of your life, it is very likely she’ll stay there.
She’s fast to become a necessity. – There will come a point in your relationship with Ashley Andrews when you wondered how you ever got on without her. There are few things in my life that I consider pivotal, and Ashley is one of them.

I’m not sure who you are, or why you want to know about her, but I can tell you that you should want to know more. To everyone I would suggest taking Ashley out for a coffee, pick her brain, and let her pick yours, because there has never been a time in my life where I have not benefited from taking that course. She’s a gem, a sparking lit-up light bulb, and obviously everyone should have one.